Tele Immersion


With Tele-Immersion you will interact with your friend on the other side of the globe through a simulated holographic environment. This technology will change the way we live.
Tele-Immersion is a technology that can be virtually realized by 2010 and can be implemented by internet 2.It allows various people from various geographic locations to come together.
Tele-Immersion differs from virtual reality by the way that virtual reality allows us to move in a 3D environment whereas Tele-Immersion only creates a 3D environment.
The applications of Tele-Immersion are very large and it is a technology that is going to affect various sectors. Tele-Immersion will take to new heights the idea of video conferencing.
This paper deals with the uses, future and applications of Tele-Immersion. It also deals with the components used to recreate the holographic environment, display technology.

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