Modular Computing


The modular, brick-style technology stands to revolutionize the way people buy high-performance computers, allowing them to expand and upgrade only the elements they need for their systems or add new technologies as they become available. Traditionally, users have had to buy expensive “one size fits all” systems that either were too much for their needs or became obsolete quickly and had to be replaced–a costly and cumbersome process.

Without this modular approach, conventional high-performance systems often need to be replaced as often as once a year to keep up with changing needs, new technology or competitive pressures–at a cost potentially in the millions of dollars for each replacement. This daunting prospect can limit the progress of research and development and can hold industries and scientific pursuits back.

Now, technical and creative computer users can have the same modularity, freedom of choice, and ease of upgrade that people have long benefited from in assembling and enhancing their home-entertainment centers

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