4G Wireless Technology


As the virtual centre of excellence in mobile and personal communications (Mobile VCE) moves into its second core research program it has been decided to set up a fourth generation (4G) visions group aimed at harmonizing the research work across the work areas and amongst the numerous researchers working on the program. With the major wireless service providers planning to start deployment of 4G wireless networks by mid 2010, research and industry communities are racing against time to find solutions for some of the prominent still open issues in 4G networks. The growing interest in 4G networks is driven by the set of new services will be made available for the first time such as accessing the Internet anytime from anywhere, global roaming, and wider support for multimedia applications.

This paper is provides technological features of an existing 4G communication technology and its architecture to integrate the social networking process. In this paper describe the Opportunities, key challenges and point to some proposed solutions.

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