Emotional Annotation of Text


Emotion is at the core of understanding ourselves and others, and the automatic expression and detection of emotion could enhance our experience with technologies. Emotion analysis is a rapidly developing area in computational linguistics. With the advent of affective computing, the task of adequately identifying, representing and processing the emotional connotations of text has acquired importance. This seminar concentrates on how the emotion of the text is annotated. The emotion of a sentence of text should be derived by composition of the emotions of the words in the sentence. Existing approaches to this task rely most often on a simplified representation of the sentence as a bag of words, where all words contribute in equal measure. However, intuitively certain words can probably be considered more significant; depending on the role they play in the word from their syntactic or semantic structure. Of the various existing approaches for representing emotions, some are better suited for some problems and some for others. In this seminar I am focusing on the various problems and the technologies used to implement the same and how the emotional annotation of a text is done by ontological reasoning.

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