Zone Based Ant Colony Routing In MANET


Ant colony optimization (ACO) is a stochastic approach for solving combinatorial optimization problems like routing in computer networks. The idea of this optimization is based on the food accumulation methodology of the ant community. Position based routing algorithms (POSANT) had some significant loopholes to find route like it never guarantees the route would be the shortest one, in cases while it is able to find it. The routing algorithms which are based on ant colony optimization find routing paths that are close in length to the shortest paths. The drawback of these algorithms is the large number of control messages that needs to be sent or the long delay before the routes are established from a source to a destination.This paper presents a new routing algorithm for mobile ad hoc network by combining the concept of Ant Colony approach and Zone based routing approach using clustering to get shortest path with small number of control messages to minimize the overhead. Also this shows that zone based ant colony routing algorithm using cluster is more efficient than POSANT routing algorithm by comparative Overhead study of POSANT and Zone based Ant using clustering concept with respect to varying Node Number, Zone Size and Mobility.

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