Fluorescent Multilayer Disc (FMD)


Compact discs were a revolutionary product at its time and influenced many spheres of human activity. People started recording music of high quality, which didn’t get worse with the time as it happens to be on tape. As soon as CDs appeared in computer industry they immediately became an undoubted helper both for users and for programmers. The latter were able to increase volume of their program products by adding video and audio elements etc. Later discs were used for digital video (VideoCD).

But technologies are progressing. Data are growing faster and faster. A usual CD is far not enough (640 MBytes). So, there appeared DVD technology. Of course we are happy with those 17 GBytes that can be kept on one DVD disc, but this is a limiting point. So we need a completely new method of storing information on portable data medium. And at last, the company Constellation 3D demonstrates a new format: FMD (Fluorescent Multilayer Disk), which can provide us with a staggering 140 GB of storage space seems to be an enticing solution for the storage-hungry masses.

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