Parasitic Computing


“PARASITE” as the word suggests is an entity that resides on another entity exploiting the resources of the latter. The term “PARASITIC COMPUTING” refers to the technique of using the resources of one computer by another computer without the knowledge of the former. Distributed computing networks turn home users’ computers into part of a virtual supercomputer that can perform time-intensive operations. This seminar provides an insight into the details of how parasitic computing uses the computation power of the computers connected to the internet in solving complex mathematical problems. This technique was developed by the scientist at the Notre Dame University, Indiana (USA). According to the scientists, the transmission control protocol (TCP), could be used to solve a piece of a mathematical problem whose answer could then be relayed back to the original user. The implementation is discussed with the NP-Complete problem as example. Unlike hackers who exploit flaws to gain direct access to machines, the Notre Dame computer scientists created a virtual computer by using the fundamental components of distributed computing.

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